My first experience with yoga was at a small law firm where I worked part-time.  Every Wednesday at lunch time, a yoga instructor would come in and lead a class.  I was hooked.  

As a child, I did gymnastics so it was gratifying to have the muscle memory of arm balances and the fearlessness of being upside down.  Yoga is endlessly challenging:  whether it be learning yogic breathe, respecting the limitations of my body, and being less competitive, there were so many things to concentrate on.

I was lucky to find great teachers who guided me through my physical practice and showed me the path.  And to them, I am eternally grateful:  Barrett Lauck, Kara Jasinski, Mimi Loureiro, and especially David Magone.  I went to one of David’s yoga retreats in Tuscany where my passion for teaching was ignited, encouraged, and grew.

I completed my 200-hour teaching certification in vinyasa and Hatha yoga at Frog Lotus Yoga, where I studied with Jacqueline Heisel and Jenn Yarro.  My second 200-hour certification was completed in 2013 under the kind direction of Mimi Loureiro at O2 Yoga.